How to make Yogurt at home with tips | Yogurt Recipe |


Summers are the best time to have curd (yogurt) just plain or sweetened or in biryani, kadhi, lassi,shrikhand, paneer tikka, aloo tikka or a simple raita. Yogurt based dishes are cooling and ideal for summers. Check out our Yogurt recipe that you can easily make at home.

Total Time

8 hrs 20 mins

Prep time

8 hrs 00 mins

Cook time

20 mins


    1 litre full fat milk (whole milk)
    • 1 tsp of curd/ dahi/ yogurt as starter (increase to ¾ to 1 tbsp. if it is gelatin based or if you are making this in winter)

  • Method

    1. Rinse a pot well. Add milk and bring it to boil on a medium to low flame.

    2. To get thick curd, simmer the milk for 15 mins on a very low flame. Keep stirring else the milk will burn and smell bad. This step is to get a very thick curd. You can skip this if you are ok to have a moderately thick yogurt.

    3. Allow the milk to cool down. If you are intending to use a curd culture that has come down to room temperature, then allow the boiled milk to come down to luke warm temp. But, if you are using the culture directly from the fridge, then the temperature of the milk must be mildly warmer than the luke warm. Immerse your finger and check.

    4. Add a tsp of yogurt to the milk and stir well. Cover & move the bowl to a warm place. Allow it to set for 6 to 10 hrs depending on the climate.

    ** If you wish to set the curd well, you can break a red chili and drop it in the milk. It is optional and does not make the dahi spicy or hot

    Do not add yogurt to hot milk, it will coagulate the milk.
    Using sour starter will yield sour yogurt.